Monday, September 3, 2012


 I was excited and started my research on a young man of sudden fame and noteriety. He claims to know how 'it's done'. Making money on line, at least that's what I come away with. You see, first I had heard of him, then I saw a video that showed a 'clickbank account', so I looked up and found I could open an account. I did and used the hop freature. Some how they are eliminating that feature so it's not clear if they have tracking in case there are purchases.

 Looking for motivational and marketing and advertising, I found Anthony Morisson. You know that kid with the curly hair that looks like a crack kid. He got his parents out of the poverty they fell into. Oh, you should have seen the poverty! So I promote the free video of  'his video from clickbank files and I stared to promote the sale of the software. On my way there, I look up any freebee's he may have so I could learn the very fundimentals because I'm an idiot. I thought, 'Great blogs!'

 I fall into dispare, troubled times, hard work, life in general. A period that requires restraint and conservation. We I get back I was excited to update and look forward to checking all my spam.
When, I see everthy thing has changed! I'm not sure where to begin. Where was I? What is this? Is it me? Where are all my pictures? Did Google do this? I could not have violated anything!

 With that, I say, That Kid is Trouble. I subscribed to his free blogs but he is not in the business to give out anything for free. So when I signed up for those blogs I honestly gave my phone number. Soon after I was being called by some goons to buy into all his programs. It's call 'The Hard Sale'.  and I'm sorry now that I started to promote him. Look out for his brother too. Although I'm not judgemental and prejudiced.

 All clickbank promotions are suspended at this time from my blogs because and including:  if links are broken by the parent company, parent affiliate, parent 'ME" tl.

Update: 9/20/12
 As of this date if I say anything about Charie Parker's stupid rants (..and that's redundant ) It will be 'continued' on the "cHEEP cHARLIE" post. That is the only page he will be mentioned on, from here forth.
 When I was on death row, and recovering, many things were just so vain and void of real 'Life with Meaning'. 'Meaning', with zest for life, not vain, worth looking into, etc.. Now, some things haven't changed. If anythiong I have more time to vent my views. Only I get to the point from the start.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Latest "BOTS"!

Seven billion people on this planet. That's a lot. Most are poor, many are struggling, some are just barely making it. This can get political but my point is, this:
No one should be mislead into false hope.
I have to retract all the hype I made about "THAT KID". He has hired goons to pressure you and the best technical webmasters to stick a "BOT" in your machine.
This morning I rececived an email from Marie (whoever) and I opened it to view  who's video was the selling point of today. In other words I reseach this because I want to know what not to send. I'm different than that. I'm honest to a fault. It's true you know! Honesty is not going to get you anywhere!
Well as soon as I saw his face I went to turn it off and it would not close. No it did not want to redirect me, it just "DIDN'T WANT TO CLOSE!!!" That's a sure indication a bot is being installed! No I'm not paranoid. I just know! Believe me, I've gone through this already.

Any way, He has earned, made, and is very rich. He even has his brother into it!
All this to say, "That's not nice!". Antony, you are stealing from the desparate! You are no different than Madoff. The very one that stole from you in the first place.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Master Your Twitterverse 08/09 by Building Better Relationships | Blog Talk Radio

Master Your Twitterverse 08/09 by Building Better Relationships | Blog Talk Radio

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, December 15, 2011

S%^T, F&*K, F&@K!

We've all seen the "The King's Speach". For Click Here!
Some of us sit behind a computer, a cubicle, phone desk,
well you get the idea. But when you have to present in public
even "I" need help.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

So yester! Or whatever!

The true latest big wigs are going to be "your" children "if" you're lucky. Because, to them, you are .."So 'Lame' ". Don't EVER forget that! If YOU created a like force or life, outside of  'your' body, you are passee' !!
Now, About bots! Kiss my ass! Oh, and if you think "THIS" is interesting, wait 'til you get brought down a notch! Now THIS IS CURRENT!


Worldwide Free Shippping


Worldwide Free Shippping